BW Spex Specification and Data Load Monitor are SAP BW tools which were developed by Orbis System Solutions BV. These products are support tools for SAP BW customers.

One of the biggest problems in maintaining BW systems is monitoring the data load. SAP standard software offers several transactions for controlling the data loading process. However, all these transactions need to be run separately to ensure a good control. To better control the loading process, Orbis has developed the BW Spex Data Load Monitor. The main advantage of this tool is that it offers a single point of access. The entire data-load status of the BW system can be displayed with just one transaction.

BW Spex Data-load Monitor

Get a complete overview of the data load in the BW system with a single mouse click! As of June 2005, the Data Load Monitor is available on the Dutch BW market. The Data Load Monitor is developed on the basis of SAP BW releases 3.0, 3.1 and 3.5. If you are interested and would like to try the tool yourself, please send us an e-mail. Then we will send you the documentation and a user id with which you can log on to the Orbis BW system. Click here to view a short presentation.

Click here to access the Orbis BW system.

BW Spex Specification

After years of experience with both small and large BW projects, Orbis has found that reporting requirements are often not specified adequately. Also, reporting needs and requirements are being constantly revised. This leads to an unnecessary avalanche of changes in the definition of data sources, info sources, info cubes, queries and workbooks. If the reporting requirements are better specified right from the start and the results are stored in a database, a lot of this extra work can be eliminated and any discussions about which reports are needed can be prevented.

BW Spex Specification was built with MS Office Tools, which enables integration with Word, Excel and Access. SAP BW Business Content is included for the following objects: data sources, info sources, info objects, and all R/3 tables. We have also developed download software which enables you to upload already implemented objects in BW Spex. We offer two training courses for optimally implementing BW Spex Specification. The first course is aimed at team members who write report specifications and build reports. The second course is meant for team members who are responsible for the BW data architecture. Both training courses last one day.

Using BW Spex Specification will save time in a number of ways. With this tool, incomplete reporting specifications and frequent changes of BW structures will be prevented because reporting requirements are documented at an early stage. In addition, BW Spex Specification allows the documentation of all steps of the BW implementation and offers one single approach which is clear to all involved.